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All the world as seen from the point of view of Oscar Wilde – reviews of books touching on Ireland

Dear readers of my blog,

retiring into the countryside, going off-line, albeit it for just a few days at a time or whenever you are on your way from A to B, all this allows for time to read and reflect what you have read.

Once you are free from the pressure you feel when sitting in your own study or surrounded by all you possess and cannot get rid of at short notice, reading becomes a pastime that links your present to the past in many ways. So I also felt when arriving in our customary flat for the one-week holiday we took in this year’s autumn recess. Reading the proofs of this year’s seventh edition of the Oscar Wilde Calendar...

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An Oscar Wilde Calendar 2022

Welcome to the Oscar Wilde Blog!

Dear readers,

       you may be aware of the online calendar on the Oscar Wilde Blog which is soon going to be replaced by a new one.

       As I have regularly been developing my website since it was first launched in late 2018, a new phase is in the offing now, for, as you may have noticed, I have started to post audios as well. Also, I intend to post the original calendar texts and their translations into German as audio files in the blog calendar.

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Oscar Wilde Birthday Blog: Poems and Letters.

Dear readers of my blog,

is it necessary to remind you of Oscar Wilde’s birthday? Most of you would know that he was born in Dublin on 16 October 1854. So this was 157 years ago, and he was born only a few years after the Irish Famine, the event in Irish history that apart from the Catholic Church has had by far the greatest impact on Irish families since then.

Made aware of this even before I turned my hand...

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