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Dear readers of my blog,

this is an unusual time for a blog post, but let me explain briefly why I insert this post in the middle of the month. It is due to Tanya Kagan-Josefowitz’s 93rd birthday on 17 May 2022 that I decided to post some more information on her and her family to promote the recent appearance in a bilingual edition of her memoir Capinero. A Bird in Germany. In fact, accessing this website was first facilitated by having coupled my passion for Oscar Wilde with publishing information on Tanya Kagan-Josefowitz’s first memoir I Remember in early 2019. At the time, it was a former student of mine who alerted me to the fact. Now whoever studies her memoirs or listens to the audio-books cannot but think of both former and current conflicts, since Tanya Kagan-Josefowitz through her father is of Russian-Jewish descent, while by having married David Josefowitz she also became part of a Ukrainian-Jewish family. Reading this post, you may find only muted references to Oscar Wilde – who, of course, had a lot to say about both dress and politics – but I assure you the next monthly post is going to refer more fully to other current matters with a Wildean echo – the imprisonment of Boris Becker in Wandsworth being only one of them,

all best wishes,

Jörg W. Rademacher

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