Dear readers of my blog,

"Coming soon" is an ad which is pasted across the shopping windows of an outlet soon to be opened. Here, however, it announces a new way of publishing my own texts "written to the moment" over a period of now twenty years following the chronology of their composition. Some of them are directly concerned with Oscar Wilde or James Joyce, others with literature and history in general, while for most of them I will have to provide a blog frame, so as to practise this genre regularly rather than sporadically as I must admit was the case in the last two years.

It has taken me the best part of two years to understand that what I am doing in this blog is waiting for material to accumulate so as to enable me to write the next piece. The result has often been satisfactory, at least for myself, when I realized that I was able to put fingers to keyboard to produce something that related both to everyday life and to literature with a particular stress being laid on Oscar Wilde.

When everyday obligations, however, became more and more demanding, it has become increasingly difficult to allow for time to compose a regular blog on the one hand. On the other hand, I discovered that many texts written a long time ago came into being under similar circumstances, so that by re-arranging and partly re-writing them in the past few weeks I noticed that "written to the moment" as they were in the past - and I am still producing similar texts at the moment - they were quite suitable to be published first as part of a regular blog post.

This may or may not be a test for a future publication of the complete collection in book form. At the moment, I am only happy to announce that, very soon, I will be in the position to launch the first few of these texts on the internet. The complete collection is going to be ordered alphabetically, but since it is not yet complete, publication is going to begin in the chronological order of their composition. And once all arrangements have been made, the whole project will become clear. Give me, however, a few weeks.

Meanwhile I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year that hopefully ends in a mood different from that it is necessarily going to begin in ten days' time. I am only too aware of the irony that even before the question of "Deal or No Deal" has been resolved the continent has had to stop all passenger movement to and from the UK owing to the current health crisis. So stay hale and healthy or safe and sound,

Best wishes,

Jörg W. Rademacher

21 December 2020

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Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser dieses auch literarischen Blog-Posts,

erstmals erscheinen heute alle vier Rezensionen der bis 2018 publizierten ersten Bände der Normandie-Thriller von Benjamin Cors zusammen. So hatte ich sie im Frühherbst 2018 geschrieben und allesamt zum Abdruck in einer Regionalzeitung geschickt. Nur die ersten beiden Besprechungen sind auch erschienen, und zwar in anderer Form als hier. Die Normandie habe ich bislang nur zweimal besucht, 1985 und 2005, als ich unvergeßliche zwei Wochen als begleitende Lehrkraft eines Schüleraustausches erlebte. Insofern ist gerade jetzt, da das Reisen besonders ins Ausland, besonders mit Gruppen unter große Vorbehalte gestellt ist, solch eine Romanserie von großer, gerade auch emotionaler Bedeutung. Viel Vergnügen bei der Lektüre. Das gewählte Format entspricht dem für potentielle Rezensionen in der Presse.


Dear readers of my blog,

while the following summaries of the German thrillers written by Benjamin Cors have already been posted, the German originals were written with a view of being published in a regional paper. Two did not appear as I wrote them, and, indeed, I am sure I have only the right to re-publish them as I first wrote. The last two have not yet appeared in German, and since I told the publishers that I wanted to write about the whole series it is only now that I can be as good as my word. And, to be honest, I am longing to read the fifth volume in that series that has just appeared in German. The format is as if these short reviews were to appear in the printed press.

Jörg W. Rademacher, 17th June 2020



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