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little did I imagine before that without adding too many extra pages to my website that I would start, within a few months of beginning this adventure, to unfold many of my interests that I have only had the chance to develop in the criticism section of Irland Almanach. This was an annual I co-edited with four German friends which from 1999 through 2002 portrayed things Irish in German but which the publishers for lack of funds sadly discontinued after the fourth isssue entitled "The Celtic Tiger". One aspect we dealt with was music of all kinds, in my case classical music. So I had been looking forward to a concert at Leer, East Frisia, for some months in which Andrew Manze was to conduct the Radiophilharmonic Orchestra Hanover in a programme with Beethoven, Brahms, the violin concerto, and the Fifth Symphony in D-Major by Ralph Vaughan-Williams. I had hoped for a festival, and I was not deceived. However, in the context both of this blog and the current crisis in the British Isles the concert told me another story, too, which I'd like to unfold now if you care to follow me here.

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Jörg W. Rademacher, Jahrgang 1962, geboren und aufgewachsen in Westfalen. Studium an den Universitäten Münster, Dundee und Lille. Staatsexamen 1988. Promotion 1993. Wissenschaftler, Sprachlehrer sowie Autor und Übersetzer bis 2002 in Münster. Seit 2002 Gymnasiallehrer, Autor und Übersetzer in Ostfriesland. Beschäftigung mit Oscar Wilde seit 1988. Veröffentlichungen zu Wilde seit 2000 als Biograph und Herausgeber beziehungsweise Übersetzer, regelmäßig im Elsinor Verlag seit 2012, seit 2015 auch Herausgeber und Übersetzer von Oscar-Wilde-Kalendern.

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