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Remembering and documenting the genesis of the edition-cum-translation of The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890) in 2000

Dear readers of my blog,

while May and June are the main marking season of an active teacher at a German Gymnasium, events in the outside world, even in literature, do not slow down as the year progresses to the phase when it seems difficult to stick to a rhythm established in January. Then all you had to do was try and work according to another plan fed by a bunch of good intentions...

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Die Entstehung der editierten Übersetzung vom Jahr 2000 von The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890) im Kontext von Erinnerung und Dokumentation

Liebe Leser meines Blogs,

während Mai und Juni die Hauptkorrekturzeit eines aktiven deutschen Gymnasiallehrers bilden, wird das Tempo der Ereignisse in außerschulischen Welt, auch in der Literatur, nicht geringer, je mehr das Jahr in die Phase hin fortschreitet, da es schwierig scheint, einen Rhythmus durchzuhalten, der im Januar etabliert wurde. Damals galt es nur, mal wieder einem neuen Plan gemäß zu arbeiten, befeuert von einem ganzen Bündel guter Absichten...

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Tanya Josefowitz

Dear readers of my blog,

this is an unusual time for a blog post, but let me explain briefly why I insert this post in the middle of the month. It is due to Tanya Kagan-Josefowitz’s 93rd birthday on 17 May 2022 that I decided to post some more information on her and her family to promote the recent appearance in a bilingual edition of her memoir Capinero. A Bird in Germany. In fact, accessing this website was first facilitated by having coupled my passion for Oscar Wilde with publishing information on Tanya Kagan-Josefowitz’s first memoir I Remember in early 2019. At the time, it was a former student of mine who alerted me to the fact. Now whoever studies her memoirs or listens to the audio-books cannot but think of both former and current conflicts, since Tanya Kagan-Josefowitz through her father is of Russian-Jewish descent, while by having married David Josefowitz she also became part of a Ukrainian-Jewish family. Reading this post, you may find only muted references to Oscar Wilde – who, of course, had a lot to say about both dress and politics – but I assure you the next monthly post is going to refer more fully to other current matters with a Wildean echo – the imprisonment of Boris Becker in Wandsworth being only one of them,

all best wishes,

Jörg W. Rademacher

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