Press reactions to the calendar 2019

Press reactions in Germany summed up

In the 19th century, the printed press were the only mass media. Today, they are only one among many such media, and still it is imperative for anyone issuing printed matter to talk to press journalists. I did so in November and December 2018 to publicise the new calendars: Late but still this side of the New Year, the calendars received a short puff in "Ostfriesenzeitung", published in Leer, opening with a short and pithy sentence: "His life was short, all the same Oscar Wilde [...] made a strong impression." This seems a variation of "Vita brevis, ars lunga", something Wilde, the Greek and Latin scholar, would have greatly appreciated. It was worth one's while waiting for this one sentence.

All in all, there were three puffs in "Sonntags-Report", "Ostfriesischer Kurier" and "Ostfriesenzeitung", all mentioning the artist, Ulrich Hoepfner, and his collages as well as the international dimensions of the project. At the same time, the three journalists didn't fail to add that there are calendars to hang as well as to read and put notes in on the table. (29th December 2018)

After three editions in English and German, this is the first time that the calendar project really achieves international dimensions. The original idea was to produce a wall calendar with selections from this year's table calendar to cater for those people who prefer looking at pictures and texts to using the calendar for professional purposes on their writing-desks. Then one day I simply asked a friend in Italy if he knew a translator who would be willing to try to render Oscar Wilde. He obliged and proposed Sara Pini from Modena who soon started working. Only a few weeks later, when staying in Paris for the March meeting of the Relais de la Mémoire, I overheard that my host's daughter was doing translations from English into French. That is how Camille Vourc'h from Avignon joined the project.

Jörg W. Rademacher, September 2018

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