The Soul of Man Under Socialism

Dear readers of my blog,

this is just a short return after many months of silence. In a pandemic like the current one with schools in Germany closed for upwards of three months in the spring, much of what is normally part of a teacher’s job was spent in front of a computer screen. If I read and wrote for myself at all I concentrated on working on books rather than composing another blog post.

So the first blog is just to announce you that two books have appeared this year: the second revised printing of my translation of The Soul of Man Under Socialism as well as the first edition of the English text including my own preface and notes and Michael Szczekalla’s postface. You can read for yourself the cover texts which have been inspired by some readers of the first edition of the German text, as they spotted the fairly obvious point that apart from dealing with socialism the essay is at least as much concerned with individualism on the one hand and Christianity on the other hand.

You may perhaps also appreciate that with having an administrator at my side I shall equally try to introduce some audio documents in the future as well as ask other people to write a blog post on one or the other Wilde subject. You should know that with the publication of a paperback edition of Tanya Josefowitz’ memoir I Remember. . . in the spring an E-book was also issued, while a second memoir Capinero. A Bird is forthcoming. At the same time, audio books for both memoirs have been recorded, and the artist Tanya Josefowitz has once again triggered associations calling to mind Oscar Wilde – when she wrote a poem thanking my students for their commitment and – like Wilde in his late letters – composed with a pen as she would use a brush. This is why you also see the cover of the E-Book of I Remember...

This could have been a more inspirational blog post, I am afraid I need to say, but it is one, and I hope neither you nor me shall have to wait as long for the next one.


All best wishes,
hope you are hale and healthy and able to enjoy life despite its pandemic regulations,

Jörg W. Rademacher, 2 September 2021

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