August Relaunch

Summer Recess over, some things are new now!

August Relaunch 2019

Dear readers of my blog,

summer has fulfilled expecations of heat waves as well as of life slowing down a bit when there is no PC asking you to communicate on the World Wide Web. Indeed, I enjoyed being offline on the East Frisian island of Baltrum very much. In terms of reading matter it was only books and newspapers.

At the same time, thinking through things as well as projects already begun is much easier when horses' hooves and children's shouts and screeches as well as tantrums are the only outside noises apart from those made by the once to threetimes daily ferry or the birds once the tide is in. While I had intended to have an audio/a video section added to this website, which is soon going online for the first time, it was through an e-mail from one of the readers of this blog that I decided to have a plug-in installed as well. So, as of today, you can both read this blog and listen to it when on a train, for example.

I checked some samples today, eliminating, for example, the asterisks from the prose text "Anglo-German Portraits" contained in the Thirtheenth Summer Blog Post. If there are any other infelicities which show up because of the text now being listened to rather than being read by yourself, please do not hesitate to point them out to me.

There is another matter. Since June I have been receiving e-mails from various readers I presume, all from one country. But there was never any message included. So if you are really interested in contributing to this blog and to discussing Oscar Wilde in terms of today as well as today's world in terms of Oscar Wilde, do not hesitate to contact me in that vein. Otherwise I'd prefer not to receive such mails - to quote Bartleby from Herman Melville's novella.

Looking forward to posting further blogs and to reading such helpful suggestions as that about the plug-in in the future,

all best wishes,

Jörg W. Rademacher

8th August 2019

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